Hopkins Center Ensemble Travel Endowment
Your '57 class officers know that money in the bank isn't going to do the class or anyone else much good. The class officers of the last term did such a fantastic job of husbanding money in the class treasury that we had enough to do a lot of good things. After much deliberation your class officers decided to fund an endowment to support needy students who tour with the HOP. The late Erich Kunzel graciously consented to head up the program along with Jeff James, Director of the HOP. His abridged acceptance of that task is still a glowing tribute to the cause.
Many of us while in college have participated in performing arts ensembles. The memory of our experiences still resonate strongly with us. With that in mind the Dartmouth Class of 1957 has taken advantage of a unique opportunity to help support needy students who take part in HOP Ensembles. These activities would include: The Gospel Choir, Glee Club, Dance Ensemble, the Barbary Coast, and the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra. The costs of touring and logistics for these performances are considerable but the rewards for the students and the College are great. The Class of í57, through its class officers, has recognized the need and the benefits of participating in these performing arts. To help defray the expenses of those students who might not be able to participate because of the personal financial burden the class of í57 has set up an endowment of $50,000.00.
Endowments work best when they are carefully crafted and the details of execution are monitored. Jeffrey James, Howard Gilman Director of Hopkins Center for the Arts, has been of immense help in making this endowment happen as the í57 class officers wished.
I heard about the Dartmouth Gospel Choir that took the New Orleans Jazz Festival by storm in the spring of 2007 as the only non-Louisiana collegiate performing group. Iím aware that the Barbary Coast played at Jazz at Lincoln Center last spring. The Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra will go on its first tour ever to Europe. Wonderful! Itís wonderful, too, that our class can help some financially challenged students make these trips.
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--Bob Marchant